Are you looking for skin care products developed specifically for helping you recover more quickly after skin care treatments? Look no further!  

Alastin Skin Care’s Tri Hex Transition Duo is available now at Aesthetic Specialists!  We would love for you to come by to hear all about the duo kit. It is designed to prepare skin prior to skin-rejuvenating treatments, support recovery/results post-treatment, and transition effortlessly to daily skincare afterward to help skin maintain benefits.  

Alastin’s unique patented blend of active peptides and botanicals elegantly support your skin’s natural life cycle – promoting the benefits of recycling, rebuilding, and replenishing the skin matrix to maintain a healthy glow and the youthful appearance we all want. 


  • Regenerating Skin Nectar (Full-Size): Designed for use before and after skin-rejuvenating procedures for faster recovery and more improved results. 
  • Restorative Skin Complex (Travel-Size): Formulated to strengthen skin and combat all visible signs of aging. 
  • Both products leverage patented Tri Hex Technology®, which supports the production of new, healthy elastin and collagen to improve the appearance of skin texture and firmness. 

 Our Recommended Regimen: 

  • Start with Treatment Enhancement 
    Regenerating Skin Nectar with Tri Hex Technology 
  • Use 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after skin-rejuvenating procedures. Apply 1 – 2 pumps each morning and evening to desired area.  
  • Transition to Daily Maintenance 
    Restorative Skin Complex with Tri Hex Technology 
  • Use every day once your skin has healed and your Regenerating Skin Nectar bottle is finished. Apply 1 – 2 pumps each morning and evening to desired area.  

Call or stop in Aesthetic Specialists today (817)-912-1200 to find out more about the Alastin Tri Hex Transition Duo! 

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